UXASPIRA is the world's first 'emotion tracker with molecular specificity & precision'.

UXASPIRA analyses REAL emotional responses to various content. Our product helps create products and services embedded with emotional experience.


A ex- 'Sahlgrenska Science Park' incubated company

Photo Credit : Olof Senestam, with CC license

The future of emotion tracking


UXASPIRA tracks emotional responses. Period.


We believe that human emotion goes deeper, much deeper, than facial gestures, fMRI/EEG signals and voice level variation. So we set out on a journey in December 2010 to track the real source of human emotion. And we succeeded. We now look forward to sharing this ground breaking, revolutionary and novel innovation to the world!


How does it work?


The working of UXASPIRA is novel and first of it's kind. It's noninvasive approach makes it's the silicon transistor of behaviour tracking. Hence we cannot be too expressive about it's working here. But to show some results from our tests please check our the video below.


Please feel free to contact us and let's setup a meeting and discuss how we can build the future together.




We invented (Patent Pending) this Technology that offer a new validation tool for the world's most creative communities who want to design emotional experience embedded in their products.


We look forward to working with emotion designers in pioneering and creative fields. For example, User Experience Design, Customers Experience Design, IoT, Human Peak Performance Training, Recruitment, Food & Drinks, Art & Architecture Design, Interior Design, Ambience Design, Furniture Design, Advertising, Film, Video Games Design, Music, Consumer Durable Design, Consumer Non-Durable Design, Fast Moving Consumer Products, Packaging, Mental Health Diagnostics, Assisted Human and/or Animal Communication (who are impossible to be understood using existing products and technologies), and many more . . . .



We are exploring with select few global leaders (or similar mindset of creative people) who want to provide a more intuitive user experience of products and services to their diverse customers. You can do that using our emotional validation tool to create content embedded with emotional experience, an effective design that will change the rule of the game in your respective fields.


We partner with you to map your traget customer's emotional demography!



Scientific & Thesis Advisors (Since):

2013-Jan: Professor Aldo Jesorka, Head of Biophysical Lab, Chalmers University of Technology

2013-Feb: Professor (Medical Doctor-Neuro Science) Jonas Bergquist, Head of NeuroChemistry, Uppsala University

2014: Also few Important scientists


Experimental Data Cross Checked & Validated by (Since):

2015-Apr: Professor (Medical Doctor-Neuro Science) Mikael Elam, Clinical Neuroscience, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

2015-Jun: Dr. Ulrika Ferm, Head of Department, DART, Psychiatry and Habilitation, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

2015-Jun: Dr. Katarina Mühlenbock, Head of R&D, DART, Psychiatry and Habilitation, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

2016-Sep: Professor Bengt Nordén, Ex Chairman of Nobel Selection Committee for Chemistry (2001-2003), Chalmers University


Business Advisors (Since):

2015-Feb: Doctor (Medicinal Chemistry) Bo Norrman, Innovation Advisor - Life Science, Chalmers University of Technology

2015-Feb: Mr. Erik M Bengtson, Business Advisor & Team Member, Ex-Acting CEO (-Jan 2016), Sahlgrenska Science Park


Ex-Business Advisors (Duration):

2015-May to 2017-May: Mr. Anders Persson (current main contact person), Business Advisor, Sahlgrenska Science Park

2016-Jan to 2017-May: Mr. Ted Ternander, Incubator Manager, Sahlgrenska Science Park

Our Journey


2010-Dec: Idea Conception:

2011-Nov: Experiment Conceptulization & Design

2011-Dec: Applied for M.Sc. in Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology

2012-Dec: First Formal Pitch to a Professor

2013-Jan: Meet my thesis Advisor, who requested me to pitch his friend Jonas Bergquist, neuroscience doctor and professor

2013-Feb: Pitched to Jonas Bergquist who took 2.5 mins thinking with closed eyes, and agreed immidiately

2013-Feb: Pitch to a fantastic Industrial guy (who is my angel guide since then), now main connector to multiple resources

2013-Mar: First vist to Jonas Bergquist's Lab

2013-Mar: Sponsored (on our request) by Jonas Bergquist to learn new machine & technique at Lund University

2013-Apr & May: Get trained in new machine in Lund University

2013-Aug: Visited Germany to pitch research idea to a very renound research group to propose important colloboration

2013-Sep: Pitch 2nd research group in Germany to another renound group to propose important colloboration

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . and many more . . . .



2015-Feb: Chalmers Innovationskontor

2015-Nov: Innovation Skåne AB, Region Skåne (Government of South Sweden)

2015-Dec: Chalmers Innovationskontor

2017-Jan: Almi Företagspartner AB (Government of Sweden)

2017-Feb: Sahlgrenska Science Park (Government of West Sweden, Göteborg City, Chalmers & Göteborg Uni)


Bangatan 29, Lgh 1403

414 64 Gothenburg, Sweden

M: +46-76-117-00-07


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